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The Adventures of Bill and Jared – Matt Kivlin 1952 Balsa

In 2018, California Surf Museum volunteer Bill Schildge and staff member Jared Henderson road-tripped up the California Coast to San Francisco on a journey to bring back a legendary board.

The 1952 Balsa was made by Matt Kivlin during his tenure as one of Malibu’s most iconic shapers and longboarders. Along with the board, Bill and Jared picked up the hand plane Matt used to shape it and a wooden template for the board’s fin. Check out their adventure in this fun vlog.

Matt Kilvin, Malibu Surfrider Beach, 4/98. While Kivlin is not one to hold memories in a maiden way, it’s a simple historical fact that his surfing at this point break formed the basis for California surf style.

To see the original story “Matt Kivlin: A Precedent of Style” published in Longboard Magazine and written by Jeff Duclos (California Surf Museum Board Member), click the button below.