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This year we are launching an interview series to introduce and overview our Board of Directors. We want to share the experiences, personalities and future aspirations that our various Board members have regarding their service to the California Surf Museum (CSM). After covering our Board of Directors we will move on to other parts of the CSM team like Advisors, Staff, and Volunteers. There will be a standard set of five questions that will cover:

(1) Where they live and where they grew up.

(2) Academic and/or professional background.

(3) Surfing background.

(4) Memorable surfing/wave/ocean experiences.

(5) Thoughts on the future of the California Surf Museum.

While the format is somewhat fluid at this point, there may be an interactive interview generated between myself and the interview subject, or text provided by the interviewee which was done for our first interview.

Jeff Duclos is one of our newest Board member and has a interesting background including television networks, mainland Mexico surf, a Dewey Weber connection, and service as mayor for a coastal city in South Bay, LA County.

Our intent is to highlight the leadership and team of the CSM and to generate sustained interest in our events, membership, exhibits, and volunteer opportunities as we seek to strengthen our role as an accessible, relevant, unique and high quality California Surf Museum. As noted on our website, we host tens of thousands of visitors annually from over 40 nations. We hope you enjoy learning about the individuals that comprise the leadership team of the California Surf Museum. This series was created by our Vice President, Eric Noel Muñoz