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    Got to talk with Cramer Jackson while we were there. He had such an extensive repertoire of different surfer’s styles and knew all the types boards they used, having been an avid surfer himself. Very entertaining. Even gave us a signed photo at the end. Although he talked more about others than himself, was there still in spirit with every piece of surfing history.. We enjoyed his company throughout the tour of the museum very much. Thank you.

    – Melodi Busch

    Stumbled across this unique museum accompanied by an out of town visitor who was a 1968-1971 Vietnam War Veteran. Could not believe the China Beach surf activities exhibit. He had been there. A recent stroke had left only part of his memory intact. The exhibit brought back many memories as he described fun with his friends taking a well deserved break at the beach. Kudos to museum for this exhibit and thank you for presenting him with the 50th anniversary of Vietnam pin.

    – Linda Ivanov

    There is an exhibit on Bethany Hamilton, her shark attack, and her amazing recovery and re-entry into surfing competition. They even had her board there with the huge bite mark the shark had bitten into it. The museum is very nice, and they have people there with a lot of knowledge if you have questions.

    – Tara Juergens