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Interview: Carl Herrman

Carl Herrman was born in 1939 in Freeport, New York, and attended Massapequa High School, where he lettered in football and wrestling. A pound-for-pound fit athlete, he was thus in great shape when he was introduced to surfing as a teen. He became a lifeguard at Tobay Beach and was able to surf most of the top spots on the Atlantic Coast. In 1966, he helped found Surfing East magazine, and was Editor one of the first surf publications on the Right Coast. The early editions are peppered with his zany, whimsical art.

With a career rich in art and marketing, teaching and lecturing, Carl has received over 350 awards from a number of art societies and institutions, including two gold medals from the Society of Illustrators. He is a President Emeritus of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Washington, D.C. chapter.

From 1992 to 2008 Carl was one of six Art Directors working for the U.S. Postal Service. During his tenure he designed more than 50 stamps and guided project teams for over 400 commonly used stamps, from the stunning Duke Kahanamoku image, to the Silver Surfer, the Woodie car, and the Aloha shirt series.

Today Carl is retired, lives in Carlsbad, and is committed to world-wide travel and adventure. He is an active supporter of CSM.