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Beware the Reform

One wonderful aspect of some waves is the beloved Reform phenomena. The outer break appears to lose life and yet somehow the energy is re-bundled to have a second act before expiring on the shoreline. In a similar manner, the reform of the virus that momentarily waned now seems to be rebuilding in various areas and warrants our constant and continued vigilance. This directly affects the California Surf Museum as we are bound to state and region allowances to either open or remain closed to public attendance.

Blair Conklin – The Wedge Photo: Jeremiah Klein

As our region, nation and world continue to deal with the generationally-unprecedented coronavirus, various locations are having various degrees of success or continued challenges. As the prospect of ‘re-opening’ looms for all sectors of society from schools to bars to restaurants to……surf museums, there are serious opportunities and constraints. Perhaps viewing the coronavirus reality as a wave can help us cope and seek understanding.

A positive version of the Reform currently at play is our effort to re-vamp our online store on the CSM website in addition to keeping our website more current and vibrant than ever. Recent diagnostics of our website activity stunned CSM staff and leadership with data that showed more views from coastal Brazil vs our neighboring coastal cities. Thus our global reach is a very thing — just like the global reach of the coronavirus grip on humanity.

In dealing with the Reform however, we have recently secured the allowance for limited re-opening of CSM’s retail store subject to obvious and necessary protocols that will soon define a modernized baseline of public attendance and interaction. Please support CSM at this time by in-person and online interest and continued
membership growth.

In this manner we can not only Beware the Reform but also take a page from our shorebreak-shredding skimboarding counterparts and relish all aspects of the ocean energy that defines us.

Eric Muñoz
Vice President- California Surf Museum
August 2020