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Hurley Statue and Laminators Display

Bob Hurley started out as a surfboard shaper in Huntington Beach in the 1970s. Throughout the years, Bob has shaped thousands of board for surfers like Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew, Jay Adams, Carissa Moore and John John Florence, just to name a few.

This statue is a cast of Bob Hurley’s arm holding his Skil 100, a tool which he has modified for surfboard shaping. The foot of the Skil 100 has been cut short to allow him to fit into the curvature of the board. He also fabricated a custom chute which allows maximum airflow to blow the foam dust away from him as he shapes.

Bob maintains an active interest in the evolution of the surfboard and continues to use his Skil 100 in his craft.

This statue was made by the Sculpture: Mold Making Class at CSULB under the direction of Bryan Crockett.