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Making Waves with Jack and Reid Van Wagoner

A comfortable gathering of family and friends showed up for the official installation of the Making Waves exhibit on a warm Saturday afternoon in late November. Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club spokesman Jim Marmack welcomed the crowd, an energetic mix of longboard club members, top young surfers, parents, grandparents, coaches, and shapers. Jim then introduced Historian Jane Schmauss, who spoke of the significance of recognizing today’s young surf stars and their contributions to the sport and their community.

The brother/sister combination of Jack and Reid Van Wagoner were then presented with a colorful, hand-crafted wave memento, symbolizing their dual reign as Making Waves honorees for 2023-2024.

Over the past several years Jack and Reid have inspired the local surf scene with their competitive spirit and excellent results in both long-and short-boarding. Both are looked up to as natural leaders, able to bring out the best in everyone around them. As Kahuna Bob Edwards once noted: “With the Van Wagoner kids leading the charge, the future of surfing looks good!”