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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

CSM welcomed a sizable crowd on July 21, when filmmaker Heather Hudson and author Vicky Durand combined for a terrific Big Wednesday event.

Among our special guests were surfing legend Linda Benson, surfing competitor Sally Lacy, and photographer Tom Keck.

They each pitched in with interesting tales about time spent with Vicky’s mother, Betty Heldreich, the central figure of the book Wave

Woman. $29.95 at our Museum Store.

Vicky Durand, 1957 Makaha champion, had a chance to share memories with 1959 Makaha winner Linda Benson (C), and Heather Hudson (R).

Heather’s film about Marge Calhoun, 93: Letters from Marge, captivated the audience with its strong visuals, mellow sound track, and many of Marge’s insightful, sometimes humorous takes on her life and surfing.

Dedicated waterwomen Heather (L) and longtime surfing buddy Jeannette Schumacher Prince display merchandise available for the evening, including Heather’s award winning documentary “The Women and the Waves.”