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A photographic exhibit of surfboards by local artist Rusty Spencer as seen on the latest cover of Surfer’s Journal.

Congratulations to one of CSM’s favorite photographers, Russell Spencer, for earning the cover shot for the latest issue of “Surfers Journal,” Vol. 29.3, Jun/Jul 2020.

Russell embarked on a project of photographing many of the intriguing fins he found in our board collection. Using a unique process of his own devising, he created dozens of magical images. We are honored to have a mini-display of selected photographs here at the museum.

“Photographer Russell Spencer created these images entirely in camera and on film, exposing each individual celluloid frame two, five, twelve – even up to 26 times to create one picture. There’s no Photoshop involved. His complex mathematical computations and stubborn tenacity yielded hundreds of failures. And it produced a few magic moments.” – “The Surfers Journal”