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The Science of Surfing

The Science of Surfing

Come see this eye-opening fun and informative exhibit as we explore the many surprising connections between science and the advancement of modern surfing. Funded by a City of Oceanside Covid-19 Nonprofit Grant, this multi-media exhibit is designed to engage all visitors, regardless of their familiarity with surfing.

Carefully curated to comply with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and the California Next Generation Science Standards, this new exhibit is also a learning tool for students from elementary school through high school and beyond.

This entertaining and educational display highlights wave energy, tides, types of surf breaks and conditions as well as custodianship of our oceans, which is explained through a series of charts, diagrams, photographs, art, and the use of video monitors. By blending history and science, the display covers a wide variety of information designed to engage all visitors, regardless of their familiarity with surfing.

“While modern science is forever looking for explanations of what goes on in the natural world, modern day surfers have been at the ready to apply this knowledge where they can in advancing in the art of riding waves,” says CSM President Jim Kempton.

“As early as the mid-1940s, California surfing trailblazer Bob Simmons, a former Cal Tech student, was consulting hydrographic coastal navigation charts to discover formally unknown surf sites. He also was applying technological advances found in a Navy, MIT-led, World War II study intended to improve the speed and maneuverability of military boats in launching a revolutionary new phase in surfboard design and materials.

“I believe this beautifully realized, important new exhibit explores this surfing/science connection in a way that will enlighten and entertain all museum visitors.

“We are proud to present it.”

For planned scheduled field trip visits during museum operating hours (10am – 4pm) teachers will receive (prior to their visit) a Teacher/Student Packet about the exhibit which includes background notes, lesson plan formats with activities and a copy of the book, “The Science of Surfing” by Kim Dwinell. Each student will also receive memorable items related to the exhibit.