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While CSM has been closed, staff and volunteers have been hard at work!

As of now, we do not know when we will be opening to the public. While our doors have been closed and while keeping our social distancing, we have been able to tend to lots of projects, including preparing for the installation our upcoming exhibits and freshening up our displays:

• Surfboard Craftsmanship: Artistry in Wood
• Let’s Boogie: Tom Morey and the Evolution of the Boogie Board
• Timeline of Surfboards
• Where’s the Surf: the Coastal Data Information Program
• Russell Spencer’s surfboard fins photo project “Multiples: Abstractions in Symmetry”
• Doc Ball’s historic “Waterbox” camera
• Tom Blake Perpetual Trophy
• Bethany Hamilton: Courageous Inspiration
• Bodysurfing
• Rabbit Kekai: the Original Waikiki Beach Boy
John Redlinger, Secretary, Board of Directors, doing all things drywall.
Camille Cacas, Store Manager, sorting paperwork.
Jane Schmauss, Historian, starting on the next newsletter.
Gabe Burris, Customer Service, getting ready to paint.
Rick Wilson, volunteer, taking measurements before the installation of a new exhibit.
Tom Dahnke, Customer Service, tending to the planters.
Barry Ortega CSM member and volunteer helping with update to CDIP exhibit.

Please be sure to check our website and social media channels for further updates as to our reopening plans.