CSM update concerning COVID-19

California Surf Museum Closure Notice

In the interest of our patrons’ and visitors’ health and safety, the California Surf Museum will be closed until further notice.
Our website will continue to share our news and activities. Please use the Contact form to reach us if you have any questions or concerns; we will respond in the most expeditious manner possible. The California Surf Museum will continue to provide any updates here with additional information as the Coronavirus health issue proceeds.
We wish all of our members, guests and patrons a safe, healthy season and hope that the critical danger will be over as quickly as possible. Please follow all CDC guidelines for sanitation and social interactions.
We appreciate your continued support and commitment and look forward to being open again as soon as we can safely do so.
This unfortunate event will have an effect on our revenues for a period of time. We are requesting support from our surfing community to help us sustain our operations. The California Surf Museum greatly appreciates your support. Please donate what you may be able to spare.
Much Aloha,
Jim Kempton
President, Board of Directors
California Surf Museum
San Diego County-level COVID19 updates: text COSD COVID19 to 468-311. Or click here for the San Diego County COVID-19 website.