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Mission Statement:
The California Surf Museum serves as an international repository and resource center on the lifestyle sport of surfing through capturing, preserving, and chronicling its art, culture and heritage for the education and enjoyment of future generations.

The California Surf Museum is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.
Information on this website is presented purely for educational and informational purposes.

California Surf Museum
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California Surf Museum

Current Exhibits

Permanent Exhibit: A Brief History of Surfboards

Beginning with wooden plank surfboards reminiscent of surfing's roots in Polynesia, the exhibit follows surfboard evolution through the foam and fiberglass advances, the shortboard revolution, to surfboards being ridden by today's champions.

Permanent installation: The Secret Spot

Walking out CSM’s back door into the permanent installation by Oceanside artist John Lamb, “Secret Spot” transports you to the middle of an amazing scene from an animated film. With John’s colorful images surrounding you on three sides, his trademark surfer is catching a huge wave, and the ocean water is lapping on the beach. A realistic looking rocky shore, complete with rock
outcroppings for sitting, a sandy beach with foot prints, and ocean water you want to dip your toe in, are all created in concrete by Oceanside artist Brett Hazzard.

San Onofre : Birthplace Of California Beach Culture

San Onofre, and the surfing culture it has spawned, is an authentic piece of American culture. The San Onofre founding fathers, (like America’s) were a unique group of visionaries, rugged individualists, and memorable mavericks. Exploring the remote coastline of early 20th Century Southern California they found their own promised land: a temperate, timeless place in the sun where the waves were plentiful and the living was easy.

Influenced by the Hawaiian lifestyle, San Onofre surfers returned from their first visits to the Islands eager to incorporate grass shacks, beach luaus, and ukulele music. Gathering food from the abundant sea beds below the waves, they fashioned a world of their dreams combining ancient Polynesian rituals and space-age instruments of leisure.

Long Term Exhibit: Courageous Inspiration: Bethany Hamilton

Young surfer, Bethany Hamilton, lost her left arm in a shark attack on the island of Kauai in 2003. The exhibit includes the shark-bitten board, swimsuit she was wearing on the fateful day, and her documentary Heart of a Soul Surfer (Hollywood’s Soul Surfer movie is based on her life). Today, Bethany inspires millions of people with her courage and positive outlook on life.