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Surfing During the Vietnam War

China Beach : Surfing During the Vietnam War And the Healing Power of Wave Riding.

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Special Exhibits

Nat Young - Nat's Nat and That's That!

Well known Australian surfer, author, actor and model. He won the World Surf Championship in 1966. He also wrote the book “Surf Rage”.

Surfing During the Vietnam War

China Beach : Surfing During the Vietnam War And the Healing Power of Wave Riding.

Permanent Exhibits

A Brief History of Surfboards: Wood, Foam to Fiberglass

Beginning with wooden plank surfboards reminiscent of surfing’s roots in Polynesia.

Eddie Aikau's Rescue Board

See the Rescue Board from the ill-fated voyage of the Hokule’a.

Where’s the Surf? Find your swell direction with CDIP

The Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) is an extensive network for monitoring waves and beaches along the coastlines of the United States. CDIP’s buoys measure sea surface temperature and wave direction in addition to wave energy.

Doc Ball's Camera

Check out how Doc Ball created the first Surf Camera housing.

The Evolution of the Fin

Tom Blake’s first prototype was a slow process, sometimes taking two steps forward and one step back.

Long-term Displays

Courageous Inspiration: Bethany Hamilton

Far and away the most popular exhibit and compelling story that the museum has had in our 29-year history. The exhibit tells Bethany’s story of how she lost her left arm to a Tiger shark while surfing at Tunnels Beach on Kauai and her determination to not only recover from the incident, but return to surfing a mere 3 weeks after the attack!
Kelly Slater's "Fred Rubble" Model

World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater’s surfboard

Check out Kelly Slater’s Channel Islands Al Merrick-shaped “Fred Rubble” model 5-fin board that he used on the WSL pro tour.
Kelly Slater's "Fred Rubble" Model

Plastic Fantastic Stringer

Check out the board that History Channel’s “American Pikers” wanted to get their hands on.



Stop and marvel at what just may be the the most extensive display of surf wax anywhere! Learn about the development and evolution of surf wax – from simple paraffin wax to specialized colored and scented waxes for all water temperatures. Our display contains an amazing assortment of waxes from the last 50 years.

Surfing and Pop Culture

On your way to check out The Secret Spot Exhibit, don’t forget to stop by our display of just a few of the commercial products (from Monopoly to Barbie to comic books) that have used surfing to sell more product.

Making Boards with Bob Hurley

The legendary Bob Hurley shows us what it takes to make surfboards.